"Our wounds are often the openings into the best and most beautiful part of us.” 
                                             ― David Richo


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Creativity, Humor, and Science 

My Approach 

Since I was a small human, I’ve always been a bit of a science/psychology nerd. Perhaps because scientific models made a lot of sense to me. They break stuff down into small parts, formulate ways to understand how things work, then create an action plan to initiate meaningful change. So when it comes to therapy - If C = some concrete goal like...happiness, a successful career, fancy cars, cool friends, a loving family, an exciting relationship, traveling around the world etc...then all we have to do if figure out what A and B are, add them together, and deal with all the pesky variables that get in the way!

Long before I became a shrink, I spent 25 of my early years working as a professional actor/comedian doing funny TV commercials, standup comedy, Improv, and some tv writing and directing. As a counselor and couples therapist, I learned super quick that comedy can be a healing superpower and I've found that when I mix scientific-based theories and techniques with my experience, tons of  training, creativity and a dash of humor ---- amazing things can happen! 


"Success is getting what you want, happiness is wanting what you get!    W.P. Kinsella

Psychotherapy is basically about mastering the art of wanting and getting. It's a process of defining the wants, designing the map to the gets and then blasting through the obstacles (that stand in the way. Therapy doesn't always have to be a brutal, tedious grind. In fact, it can and should be an unfolding process of discovery, insight and celebration, and a great therapist can help you work through sabotaging thoughts, annoying emotional obstacles and goofy behavioral patterns that are getting in the way of living an optimal life!

A Scientific Couples Therapy Model


As a couple's and relationship junkie, I am a Level 3 Trained John Gottman therapist. I work with couples, business partners, actively dating singles, and family members to help folks deal with communication struggles, conflict resolution, negotiations, boundary-setting, anger management, sex and intimacy issuess and a menagerie of other silly obstacles that get in the way of meaningful connection.  Although there are many popular relationship models out there, I have chosen to use John Gottman's Couples model, because well...first he's just the entire world's leading couples/relationship scientist/therapist, and because his model is  "evidenced-based"which is just a schmancy way of saying "scientific"- meaning that Gottman's theories, tools, & techniques have been tested in a laboratory-type setting with thousands of  couples spanning over 50 years. Gottman's "Love Lab" - was essentially a small studio apartment with two-way mirrors, microphones, and camera's everywhere. A couple would come to the lab - and live there for a few days while Gottman and his team just observed their interactions, like animals in the wild! He studied humans like other scientists studied African rhinos, or nose apes in Borneo! 

So, yeah, couples counseling can certainly be a lot of work no doubt, but it doesn't always have to be a firery vortex of hell. In my sessions I incorporate Gottman tools with a mixture of creativie techniques, and lots humor. So, whether you're married, in a serious relationship, actively dating, or have family or work challenges, counseling may be able to help you take your relationships to the next level.  READ MORE

The 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse that lead to breakups and divorce! A comic look at Gottman's Theories!

16 9 Key Art

Psychodrama: A Cinematic History 
Directed by Kelley J. Brower

This documentary introduces psychodrama, an action-oriented, therapeutic model that uses role-playing as a tool for personal growth, and traces it from its origin in the1920’s to contemporary psychotherapy practice. This fast-paced documentary is suitable for anyone with an interest in modern psychology, from educators and students to mental health professionals.





Kelley spent 18 years working in film/TV as a Producer, Director, Writer, & First Assistant Director. Her TV writing credits include: Sketch Comedy Writer for Saturday Night Special, (stars: Roseanne, & Queen Latifah) launch promos for That 70’s Show, & a feature article for Cosmopolitan magazine.  As a filmmaker, Kelley has written/directed/produced shorts, TV pilots, music videos, webisodes & corp. videos. She is also a licensed Mental Health counselor, a level 3 Gottman Couples’ Therapist, and a certified First Responder Crisis counselor.



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