Squabbling Couples


Are You One of Those Squabbling Couples?

 Are you a partner of a couple, marriage or relationship in distress? Feel like your relationship is swimming upstream against an unbearable current? Trapped in a relationship with constant bickering and never-ending arguments? Why not give couples counseling a shot? 
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What is Couples Counseling?

CouplesJpeg smCouples therapy, and marriage counseling are essentially one and the same; a style of psychotherapy that works with couples of all sizes, shapes and flavors to identify relationship obstacles, address and resolve conflicts and work together to forge a more meaningful and passionate connection. Typically couples counseling involves both partners working together with the therapist, but if one partner refuses to participate, it can also work with one partner if he/she chooses to work with the therapist alone.  

Couples counseling typically focuses on a number of relationship challenges including:  communication issues, sexual intimacy, financial troubles, anger and resentment, chronic bickering, substance abuse, infidelity, child-rearing conflicts, as well as your garden variety of pesky relationship and cohabitation troubles. 

How Can Couples Counseling Help Us?

In counseling sessions you will learn how to talk to each other in a way that your and your partner can hear and understand one another. Together you guys will learn how to use humor and creativity to help to knock down barriers, explore new ways to rekindle passion and work through sexual challenges, as well as identify and deal with the small irritatingly brutal obstacles. Whether you are married, in a committed relationship, actively dating, have issues with a co-worker, or just looking to make more meaningful connections with others, relationship counseling can help you take your relationships to the next level.


Does Couples Therapy Work?

Not an easy question to answer. Successful couples counseling depends on a few factors including: The level of commitment to attending sessions, and a genuine willingness to change on both sides. Couples therapy can be tricky because there are a number of challenges baked into the process. First of all, couples often wait too long to get help. One partner may drag the other into therapy kicking and screaming and to be totally honest, most of the time, both partners come into counseling 100% sure that its the “other” who is the one who needs help! 

What Are the Odds My Relationship can survive?

 Some theories and statistics to mull over.

  1. According to The American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists, 97% of the families and couples who participated in a study reported high levels of satisfaction, and that they got the help they needed. Many participants also claimed that therapy also improved their physical health and their functioning at work.
  2. Statistics also suggest that couples therapy is generally more effective and actually works faster than individual therapy. In couples work, not only are both partners working on their interpersonal dynamic, or how they relate to one another as a team, but they both also working on themselves individually. With the additional personal growth on both sides of the table, both partners will spend less money together and feel better sooner than if each individual tried to get some help on their own.

So, yeah…there are never any guarantees that couples therapy will work for you, but there some hard science that suggests the odds just might be in your favor if both partners are genuinely willing to make a commitment to work on him or herself, otherwise it’s a SERIOUS uphill climb.