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While she was a freelance artist in the entertainment world for over 30 years, Kelley earned a slew of professional coaching certifications and started coaching an assortment of creative folks for 9 years. At the crack of her 40’s, she worked as a volunteer peer counselor for the LGBTQ community where her unfolding love for the flotsam and Jetsam of human behavior led her to Hunter College for a Masters in Mental Health Counseling.

Specializing in Couples and Relationship therapy, Kelley completed all 3 levels of The Gottman Couples Therapy training and has been working with couples of all sizes, shapes and colors for the last 8 years.

When the virus reared its ghastly snout…Kelley dove nose deep into infectious disease training, compassion focused therapy and earned a certification in First Responder Crisis Counseling.

As a Couples Counselor, Kelley believes that when creativity and humor are blended with hard science, they can not only be powerful therapeutic tools, but can also bring joy & laughter into the psychological journey.


As a scrawny, kid, Kelley began her comedy career doing magic tricks and slamming fake hands in refrigerator and car doors. Her knack for bossing around children weaker than herself eventually led her to directing. At 19 she became a professional working actor doing TV commercials and a couple of sitcoms. Her 20’s were spent touring the country doing stand up, improv and sketch comedy where she eventually settled in NYC. In her late 30’s, she jumped behind the camera and worked her way up the Fillm/TV production ladder to First Assistant Director, Producer, Director and was a staff writer on the sketch comedy show: SATURDAY NIGHT SPECIAL, staring Roseanne and Queen Latifah.

It was Kelley’s work as a volunteer peer counselor at Identity House, where she worked with the LGBTQ+ community co-facilitating women’s support groups, and did short term counseling, that inspired her to go back to school to become a shrink!

Now in her mid-50’s Kelley bravely specializes in Couples & Family Counseling and runs workshops and groups blending improv comedy exercises, creativity, and action methods with group therapy, theory and process.

Kelley's Film/TV Work


Certified Life Coach

From humble beginnings, David, aka “dt,” has had a wild passion for music, and received major scholarship offerings to the best music schools in the country, thus paving the way to become a professional saxophonist. David has collaborated with some of the world’s top jazz artists while teaching New York’s most aspiring musicians. After the passing of his father, he transitioned to the business world earning a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree in business. Through the years, dt has engaged at the highest levels of business as a C-Suite executive helping companies refine their unique cultures, mentoring future leaders, and creating engaging environments resulting in the development of raving fans and employees for countless businesses. As a certified life coach for the fiercely ambitious, he strives to help clients transform pain, frustration, and struggles into productivity by utilizing a myriad of skills, tools, expert strategies, and life experiences. His specialties include career coaching, clients who feel lost, working with kids age 10 years on, and helping corporate clients transform their workplaces into healthy, creative, and inspiring high-level environments. When dt is not coaching, he is full-on pursuing a second Master’s to become a Licensed Mental Health Counselor. As a fan of Fred Rogers’s work, dt resonates with his quote, “When I was a boy, and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, “Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.” David aspires to be a helper and an agent of change transforming your pain into purpose.

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