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A Scientific Couples Therapy Model

As a relationship & couples therapist, I blend my psychology training, 12 years of professional life coaching, and lots of creativity together to help couples, business partners, and actively dating singles deal with intimacy and communication challenges, sexual issues and a menagerie of other obstacles and shenanigans that get in the way of meaningful connections.

Although there are many popular relationship theories, I have chosen to use John Gottman's evidence-based couples therapy model. Evidenced-based is just a schmancy way of saying "scientific"- meaning that the Gottman's techniques have been tested in a laboratory with an assortment of couples spanning over 40 years.

How Can Couples Counseling Help Us?

In counseling sessions you will learn how to talk to each other in a way that your and your partner can hear and understand one another. Together you guys will learn how to use humor and creativity to help to knock down barriers, explore new ways to rekindle passion and work through sexual challenges, as well as identify and deal with the small irritatingly brutal obstacles. Whether you are married, in a committed relationship, actively dating, have issues with a co-worker, or just looking to make more meaningful connections with others, relationship counseling can help you take your relationships to the next level.

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Does Couples Therapy Work?

Not an easy question to answer. Successful couples counseling depends on a few factors including The level of commitment to attending sessions, and a genuine willingness to change on both sides. Couples therapy can be tricky because there are a number of challenges baked into the process. First of all, couples often wait too long to get help. One partner may drag the other into therapy kicking and screaming and to be totally honest, most of the time, both partners come into counseling 100% sure that it’s the “other” who is the one who needs help!