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What is Psychotherapy?

"Success is getting what you want, happiness is wanting what you get!
W.P. Kinsella
In my humble, yet scientific opinion, Psychotherapy is basically about mastering the art of wanting and getting. It's a process of defining the wants, designing the map to the gets and then blasting through the obstacles that stand in the way. As a psychotherapist, and a former comedian/actor and current comedy writer, I believe therapy doesn't always have to be a brutal, tedious grind, in fact, it can and should be an unfolding process of discovery, insight, delight and celebration. As a seasoned shrink, with lots of curiosity and a dash of humor, can help you take a look at and work through some of those pesky sabotaging thoughts, annoying emotional obstacles and goofy behavioral patterns that are getting in the way of living an optimal life!

An Evidenced-based Approach To Psychotherapy

Although there are many popular therapeutic models, I have chosen to use evidence-based tools and techniques within my psychodynamic counseling sessions. Evidenced-based is just a schmancy way of saying "scientific"- meaning these techniques have been tested through years of experimentation. I also incorporate action-methods and lots of coaching.


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